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Mitch is the broker of CalNeva Realty which provides residential real estate services to home buyers and sellers through the Greater Reno-Tahoe region.  CalNeva Realty serves the region from two offices in Reno and Minden, NV.

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Researching Reno Luxury Properties?

Thursday, April 24th, 2014 at 10:28pm. 138 Views, 0 Comments.

Reno Luxury Homes

"Luxury Homes". The term alone has an elegance and grandeur that suggests a sort of opulent ease of living. What sort of luxury properties does the "biggest little city" have to offer, and what are the advantages (beyond the obvious) of living in a luxury community? Pondering these benefits and others is key to making a solid decision. Reno's luxury communities, such as Caughlin Ranch, Montreux, Arrowcreek, Monte Rosa, and Saddlehorn offer a variety of singular perks individually, but all share certain strengths in common which are hallmarks of such a property class.

  • Country Clubs - One of the grandest vestiges of luxury living is the presence of a central community country club, with its assorted amenities and…
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    Reno's Top Gated Communities

    Tuesday, April 22nd, 2014 at 3:00pm. 157 Views, 0 Comments.

    Reno's Top Gated Communities: Key Homeowner Benefits

    Your home is your safe haven, a secure and shielded respite away from the unpredictable realities of modern life. Nowhere is this more apt than in gated communities, in which regulated access allows a degree of comfort and reliable tranquillity unmatched by other neighborhoods. Reno's gated neighborhoods, in particular, offer a standard of living unmatched in today's topsy-turvy world. Some of Reno’s most popular and luxurious gated communities include:

    • Arrowcreek

    • Montreux

    • St James Village

    • Click here for a complete list of all home listings in Reno Gated Communites.

    Gated Communities - Top 5 Benefits

  • Security - Clearly, those who consider relocating into a gated…
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    Reno's Top Master Planned Communities & Homes for Sale

    Monday, April 21st, 2014 at 5:13pm. 132 Views, 0 Comments.

    Reno Master Planned Communities - Home Buying Considerations

    Thinking of settling in one of Reno's master planned communities? Consider some of these features and benefits as part of your community research and home buying process.

    What makes a master planned community different from a more commonplace suburb, and what amenities do the residents of such an area enjoy? Exploring the features of Reno's Somersett, South Meadows (Double Diamond, Damonte, and Curti Ranch communities), and Caughlin Ranch master planned communities will help you to better understand what Reno has to offer.

    • Lifestyle - One of the most satisfying and yet difficult to pinpoint qualities of a master planned community is the familiar atmosphere which…

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    Reno Age-Restricted Communities - Home Buying Tips

    Friday, April 18th, 2014 at 4:19pm. 137 Views, 0 Comments.

    Reno 55+ Communities - Home Buying Tips

    The Reno area offers a variety of 55+ communities for seniors looking to establish a secure, well-regulated homestead. Casitas De La Sierra, Miner's Village, and Del Webb Sierra Canyon are all age-restricted communities in Reno which have varying benefits and specific features. Considering the purchase or rental of a property in such an area? Then the following points will help with your decision-making process:

  • Area - The proximity of senior communities to Reno's burgeoning downtown / midtown sprawl is generally a positive. Del Webb Sierra Canyon, for example, is a mere 10 minute drive from the nearest hospital, and 15 minutes from downtown Reno and the Reno International Airport. Lake Tahoe…
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    Johnson Lane, Minden Home Prices Rise 20%

    Monday, February 3rd, 2014 at 6:32pm. 208 Views, 0 Comments.

    Market Summary

    Review all MLS listings in Johnson Lane.

    If you live in the Johnson Lane area of Minden or you are planning to buy a home in this area, you may be interested in the market summary below. The local market in 2013 saw a considerable rise in price after many years of price decreases. Not only is the median price up 20% from that of 2012 but the Sold to List % is also up from 96.3% to 97.8% which indicates a market with more buyers than sellers. Surprisingly, the number of homes sold is about equal and the days on market even rose (this may be related to short sales taking the place of bank owned homes - the short sales will generally have a much higher Days on Market). Take a look below for summary market…

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    Reno Homes on Corner Lots For Sale Listings

    Saturday, November 23rd, 2013 at 7:23pm. 235 Views, 0 Comments.

    Reno Homes for Sale on Corner Lots

    I just published a page which allows our site visitors to easily find all Reno homes on a corner lot that are listed for sale. While I was at it, I thought I'd throw out some pros and cons for deciding on buying a home on a corner lot:

    There is a fair amount of debate as to whether a home on a corner lot is more or less desirable than a home in a cul de sac or simply in a row of houses. Here are a few considerations on this topic:

  • Privacy - This is a mixed bag. While the corner lot home has one less neighbor on one side, the house is also more exposed to traffice by cars or pedestrians. You would need to look carefully at how exposed the home is and how visible the back/side yard may be to fully factor this…
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    Reno Starter Home Considerations

    Thursday, November 21st, 2013 at 9:39am. 238 Views, 0 Comments.

    What Makes a Starter Home?

    The "starter home" can mean many things to many people. The lowest common denominator implies that the home buyer is not planning to live in the home forever.

    Beyond that, what can make a starter home great?

  • Affordability - I recently had a listing that sold for $1M that was the Buyer's "first home". No kidding. This home may or may not be his last, however, the typical starter home would be priced such that a monthly payment would be manageable for people who are getting started in their careers or occupations.
  • Potential Resale - If the home will be sold when the owner is ready to move up, make sure the resale potential is strong - good curb appeal, newer construction, quiet location, good schools, good floor…
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    Carson Valley MLS and Real Estate Statistics

    Tuesday, November 5th, 2013 at 10:30pm. 284 Views, 0 Comments.

    Carson Valley Housing Update

    The Carson Valley area (Minden, Gardnerville, Genoa) has experienced a healthy increase in prices on a year over year basis (running 19% in October), although the median price ($250,000 for October, 2013) of single family homes remains well below that of the peak ($432,000 in September of 2005).

    At the current pricing in October, 2013, we are at about late 2008 to early 2009 (while on the way down!).

    While this market is rebounding it is also important to note that during October, 2013, there were only 7 short sale home sales and 2 foreclosure homes sold - making up only 17% of the total sales volume as distressed property.

    Use the following links to browse complete market statistics for the region or ALL MLS listings for…

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    Reno-Tahoe Area Housing Market Update - August 2013

    Friday, August 16th, 2013 at 11:48am. 1831 Views, 0 Comments.

    Northern Nevada Housing Statistics - August, 2013

    Welcome to the August Market Update companion to the Greater Reno-Tahoe Real Estate Report. As we've discussed in prior month's blog posts, the dramatic rises in prices we've been experiencing over the last 18 months could not last forever. We are now beginning to see signs from the numbers as well as 'in the field' experiences to support the beginning of more moderate price appreciation on the horizon. Before getting into the market summary for each local market, I want to mention a few factors that are drivers behind the changing market conditions.

    Investor Demand

    Last week, I spent a few hours at a regularly scheduled real estate investment group meeting in Reno, Reno Real Estate…

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    Northern Nevada Housing Statistics - June, 2013

    Thursday, June 13th, 2013 at 6:50pm. 2133 Views, 1 Comments.

    Northern Nevada Housing Statistics - June, 2013

    The Reno-Tahoe real estate markets continued to show price increases, flat home sales, and low inventory levels which is consistent with the prior several months. Last month, I identified three factors that would, over time, bring a more moderate growth rate in home prices to the markets: new construction, less investor demand, and legislative updates. The Nevada legislature has completed their session and there are two new laws which are now in effect that directly affect the foreclosure/short sale aspects of our housing markets. I am providing a general summary below with links to more details on the laws if you want to read the nitty gritty.

    AB-300 - Summary and Likely Impact


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