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Reno-Tahoe Real Estate Trends - August, 2011

Last month, I put a spotlight on how the local real estate markets were shaping up at the mid point of 2011. Now that we have recorded sales for July and are one month into the second half of 2011, we can finally start to answer some questions about how the real estate market is functioning on a year over year basis WITHOUT the federal tax credits which expired June 30, 2010. I put together a summary table below showing how July-11 compares to July-10 for local markets.

July, 2010 to July, 2011 Comparison Summary
Percent Change (year over year)

City Homes Sold Median Price
Reno 19% -18%
Sparks 26% -14%
Carson City 75% -22%
CarsonValley 50% -20%
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