November 2013

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Reno Homes for Sale on Corner Lots

I just published a page which allows our site visitors to easily find all Reno homes on a corner lot that are listed for sale. While I was at it, I thought I'd throw out some pros and cons for deciding on buying a home on a corner lot:

There is a fair amount of debate as to whether a home on a corner lot is more or less desirable than a home in a cul de sac or simply in a row of houses. Here are a few considerations on this topic:

  1. Privacy - This is a mixed bag. While the corner lot home has one less neighbor on one side, the house is also more exposed to traffice by cars or pedestrians. You would need to look carefully at how exposed the home is and how visible the back/side yard may be to fully factor this in.
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What Makes a Starter Home?

The "starter home" can mean many things to many people. The lowest common denominator implies that the home buyer is not planning to live in the home forever.

Beyond that, what can make a starter home great?

  1. Affordability - I recently had a listing that sold for $1M that was the Buyer's "first home". No kidding. This home may or may not be his last, however, the typical starter home would be priced such that a monthly payment would be manageable for people who are getting started in their careers or occupations.
  2. Potential Resale - If the home will be sold when the owner is ready to move up, make sure the resale potential is strong - good curb appeal, newer construction, quiet location, good schools, good floor plan,
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Carson Valley Housing Update

The Carson Valley area (Minden, Gardnerville, Genoa) has experienced a healthy increase in prices on a year over year basis (running 19% in October), although the median price ($250,000 for October, 2013) of single family homes remains well below that of the peak ($432,000 in September of 2005).

At the current pricing in October, 2013, we are at about late 2008 to early 2009 (while on the way down!).

While this market is rebounding it is also important to note that during October, 2013, there were only 7 short sale home sales and 2 foreclosure homes sold - making up only 17% of the total sales volume as distressed property.

Use the following links to browse complete market statistics for the region or ALL MLS listings for

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