Douglas County Nevada - Notice of Default Homes update: March, 2008

Posted by Mitch Argon / CalNeva Realty on Wednesday, April 23rd, 2008 at 2:55pm.

Douglas County, NV - Notice of Default - March 2008 Filings

If you are trying to identify homes that are likely to go into foreclosure in Minden, Gardnerville, Genoa, Wellington, or Lake Tahoe, this blog post is for you.

The list below represents all of the homes that are in a "Pre-Foreclosure" state. Technically, each of the properties below has had a Notice of Default (NOD) served by the lender to the property owner during March, 2008.

Keep in mind, the properties below may not enter foreclosure if the property owners are able to cure the default within 35 days of the Notice of Default. Also, it is common for some of these homes to be currently listed with a listing real estate broker so you can find more details on these properties by searching this site (I suggest typing the street name in the Quick Search box at the top left of this page). Such listings would likely be categorized as "short sales".

The list below is for Douglas County, NV properties that have been served a Notice of Default in March, 2008. APN is the Assessor's Parcel Number.  The Document # is the reference number assigned to the property with the filing by the lender.


APNProperty AddressRecording DateDocument #
1319-10-101-0082384 Centennial Dr3-Mar718940
1220-16-810-0191332 Wheeler Way3-Mar719000
1420-08-610-0053547 Long Dr4-Mar719042
1220-22-210-041737 Lassen Way7-Mar719212
1220-22-410-1621475 Mary Jo Dr7-Mar719260
1220-01-002-0201931 Sheep Camp 7-Mar719276
1220-22-210-020748 East Peak Ln10-Mar719335
1420-18-710-0313333 Dog Leg Dr10-Mar719349
1319-18-412-015305 Andria Dr13-Mar719443
1221-06-001-0412049 Fish Springs14-Mar719545
1121-05-510-002120 Walker17-Mar719631
1418-11-110-0022143 The Back Rd17-Mar719807
1319-30-710-007495 Tramway Dr18-Mar719834
1319-10-101-0082384 Centennial Dr18-Mar719851
1121-35-002-0032923 Pine Valley Rd18-Mar719852
1318-10-317-004191 Foothill Dr19-Mar719894
1420-07-114-017885 Valley Vista Dr21-Mar720028
1220-22-210-1861420 Honeybee Ln24-Mar720110
1420-07-213-007887 Vista Park Dr24-Mar720114
1220-15-310-0601498 Muir Dr24-Mar720117
1419-27-710-001251 James Canyon 24-Mar720147
1420-34-810-0062621 Fuller Ave25-Mar720264
1220-21-610-041751 Bluerock Rd26-Mar720322
1420-18-710-0313333 Dog Leg26-Mar720326
1319-18-210-010217 Snowflower Ci27-Mar720392
1420-28-310-0322888 Hot Springs 27-Mar720403
1318-23-810-057199 Meadow Ln28-Mar720487
1420-33-510-0251315 Raeline Ln31-Mar720575


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