Reno Age-Restricted Communities - Home Buying Tips

Posted by Mitch Argon / CalNeva Realty on Friday, April 18th, 2014 at 4:19pm.

Reno 55+ Communities - Home Buying Tips

The Reno area offers a variety of 55+ communities for seniors looking to establish a secure, well-regulated homestead. Casitas De La Sierra, Miner's Village, and Del Webb Sierra Canyon are all age-restricted communities in Reno which have varying benefits and specific features. Considering the purchase or rental of a property in such an area? Then the following points will help with your decision-making process:

  1. Area - The proximity of senior communities to Reno's burgeoning downtown / midtown sprawl is generally a positive. Del Webb Sierra Canyon, for example, is a mere 10 minute drive from the nearest hospital, and 15 minutes from downtown Reno and the Reno International Airport. Lake Tahoe is a convenient and scenic 30 minute drive away, opening a myriad of vacation or day-tripping possibilities.

  2. Security - The cloistered nature of 55+ communities lends itself to the formation of a tight-knit neighborhood structure. These gated, regulated streets are veritable islands of domestic tranquility, perfect for couples looking to spend their golden years in relative peace and ease. Casitas De La Sierra, for example, consists of 62 charming homes and is scenically sheltered.

  3. Activities - For more active seniors, many of these communities provide a variety of supervised clubs and groups. Del Webb Sierra Canyon has over 50 unique clubs, catering to such diverse interests as poker, star-gazing, and everything in between. An activity director manages and oversees these organizations, and there really is something for everyone.

  4. Economics - So-called "Desert Downsizing" is a financial boon to many prospective 55+ buyers. No state Income Taxes means one less thing to worry about, and the dry Reno climate lends itself to rocky, cactus-dotted yards, all but erasing the necessity for an expensive landscaping budget. Utilities tend to be considerably lower, and the proximal location of communities such as Double Diamond Ranch - Miner's Village means you can say goodbye to lengthy commutes and expensive fill-ups at the pump when you make one of Reno's 55+ communities your home.

  5. Peace and Quiet - Perhaps the principal reason behind seniors choosing 55+ communities is escaping the noisy hustle and bustle which young children necessarily bring to a standard neighborhood. Freedom from loud, late parties, a minimum of street traffic, and infrequent strangers make the privacy of senior communities an attractive respite from chaotic domestic business-as-usual.

As you can see, the many benefits of Reno's 55+ communities are self-evident when considering their unique features. Whether intended as a retirement destination or a more temporary residence, communities such as Casitas De La Sierra, Miner's Village, and Del Webb Sierra Canyon offer a range of attractive, distinct amenities which lend themselves readily to the relaxed pace of a senior lifestyle.

Interested? Such a community just might be the perfect fit for you.

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