Reno NV Foreclosure Home - Property List: October, 2007

Posted by Mitch Argon / CalNeva Realty on Tuesday, October 23rd, 2007 at 7:39pm.

Greetings -

I am getting a lot of questions from prospective home buyers about Reno foreclosure properties. 

Why is this?

Well, in some cases, you may be able to get a great deal on a Reno foreclosure property (in some cases, not all, you may need to be prepared to do some heavy duty clean up - what we call 'deferred maintenance').  As it turns out, there is not an easy way to obtain a list of Reno foreclosure properties which are also referred to as "bank owned and REO which stands for real estate owned (by the bank) properties".  There are companies that charge a monthly fee to get these lists.

Even within the local MLS, we do not have a field to indicate a 'bank owned property' so how do you know which reno homes in foreclosure are in the MLS (and most of them will be because the banks are not selling many at auctions these days - just too few buyers!).  The list of homes below all contain the words "bank owned" or "REO" or "foreclosure" in the comments entered by the listing agent.  There are more Reno foreclosure homes in the MLS today but they do not contain these 'keywords' in the comments.  I have shown two foreclosure homes in the last few days - neither property had any mention of being bank owned in the MLS comments.

So, while the list of Reno foreclosure homes below is not 100% complete, it may be the most comprehensive list around - for free that is.

To make it easy for you to view the details for each Reno foreclosure property, I have linked the MLS # directly to the listing detail.  This takes some time to prepare and I'll probably post this about once per month - if you want a fresh list sooner, please feel free to drop me a note (I can get the list emailed to you directly from the MLS in about 3 minutes).

If you wanted to search Reno real estate of any kind or Reno homes for sale, follow these links.  If you are new to this, you may want to review our Reno real estate market trends blog post and reports..

A couple notes: Type: S/SB - wood framed house; C/T - townhome; M/M - manufactured home.  DOM = days on market with current listing (may have been listed before).


City Type Street Address (click for info) Listed At: Reduced To:
Reno C/T 2450 LYMBERY STREET  $139,000 $119,000
Reno S/SB 10086 ZEOLITE DR.  $190,000 $142,000
Reno C/T 6715 Peppermint Drive  $175,500 $159,900
Reno S/SB 635 Yori Avenue  $202,900 $184,900
Reno S/SB 2758 Chavez  $254,900 $199,900
Reno S/SB 3880 W 7th Street  $218,900 $218,900
Reno S/SB 923 Kimbal  $250,000 $225,900
Reno S/SB 8939 Red Baron  $239,900 $228,900
Reno S/SB 7953 Moss Creek Drive  $244,900 $239,900
Reno S/SB 17878 Empire Court  $254,900 $242,900
Reno S/SB 17960 MAMA BEAR CT  $246,777 $246,777
Reno S/SB 3860 Allen Glen Drive  $249,900 $249,900
Reno S/SB 9979 Moondust  $262,900 $262,900
Reno S/SB 2065 W Whitfield Way  $299,000 $269,000
Reno S/SB 5722 Golden Eagle Drive  $273,000 $273,000
Reno S/SB 9571 Canyon Meadows  $275,000 $275,000
Reno S/SB 4559 windcrest dr.  $328,900 $286,900
Reno S/SB 3800 Bexley Square  $299,000 $299,000
Reno S/SB 17810 Thunder River Drive  $359,900 $319,900
Reno S/SB 906 N UNIVERSTIY PARK LOOP  $329,000 $329,000
Reno S/SB 2785 Skyline Blvd.  $415,000 $334,500
Reno S/SB 2910 Alpine Creek Road  $335,000 $335,000
Reno S/SB 5324 Tappan Court  $339,000 $339,000
Reno S/SB 1527 Orca  $365,000 $343,900
Reno S/SB 3200 Fairlands ct.  $367,900 $344,900
Reno S/SB 14020 Red Rock Road  $360,000 $360,000
Reno S/SB 475 Sysonby Court  $386,900 $375,000
Reno S/SB 480 Sysonby Ct.  $430,000 $389,500
Reno S/SB 1715 Cavern Dr.  $424,900 $399,900
Reno S/SB 1760 Fairfield  $489,900 $427,700
Reno S/SB 1611 Brightstone Court  $549,000 $549,000
Reno S/SB 2300 Roanoke Trail  $546,000 $569,900
Reno S/SB 5940 Still Meadow Dr  $620,000 $585,000
Reno S/SB 2779 Robb dr.  $586,900 $586,900
Reno S/SB 2330 Hickory Hill  $587,000 $587,900
Reno S/SB 5360 Mira Loma Drive  $659,900 $629,900
Reno S/SB 1748 Kodiak Circle  $679,000 $679,000
Reno S/SB 4980 Aberfeldy Rd  $798,900 $725,000
Reno S/SB 14920 Chateau Avenue  $777,000 $777,000
Reno S/SB 5075 QUAIL ROCK LANE  $1,535,000 $1,499,000
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Broker - CalNeva Realty

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