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Posted by Mitch Argon / CalNeva Realty on Monday, April 21st, 2014 at 5:13pm.

Reno Master Planned Communities - Home Buying Considerations

Thinking of settling in one of Reno's master planned communities? Consider some of these features and benefits as part of your community research and home buying process.

What makes a master planned community different from a more commonplace suburb, and what amenities do the residents of such an area enjoy? Exploring the features of Reno's Somersett, South Meadows (Double Diamond, Damonte, and Curti Ranch communities), and Caughlin Ranch master planned communities will help you to better understand what Reno has to offer.

  • Lifestyle - One of the most satisfying and yet difficult to pinpoint qualities of a master planned community is the familiar atmosphere which exudes from a holistically designed environment. Master planned communities are set up with exacting attention to certain unifying design principles, and as such the entire area has a uniform standard of living which tends to inform even the most commonplace aspects of everyday life. Somersett, for example, has an emphasis on the natural, criss-crossed as it is by 27 miles of scenic hiking and biking trails. This naturalistic flair is part of Somersett life, and is quite different from the frenzied bustle of most urban communities.

  • Amenities - Master planned communities tend to offer the choicest of amenities, facilities which can truly be called world-class. Resort-style quality is not uncommon, whether one focuses on golf, shopping, dining, or other social pursuits. For many of these communities, the country club is a central hub of activity and congregation. Somersett's Club at Town Center has a lavish media room with expansive modern features, and offers specific teen and kids activity clubs. With the youngsters thusly occupied, mom and dad can engage in a wealth of activities from aerobics and yoga to specialized massages. Golf is often a focus, obviously, with Somersett's 9-hole Tom Kite Canyon Nine Golf Course being an obvious standout.

  • Architectural Variety - Prospective buyers seeking a deviation from the box or row-house style humdrum of a traditional suburb will find the wide array of architectural design styles on display in a master planned community a breath of fresh air. Frequently, such communities contain a varied selection of thoughtfully crafted, meticulously designed veritable masterworks. There is an equivalent variety to the acreage or lot styles which the houses themselves surmount, with an abundance of parks and naturalistic features. Caughlin Ranch, for example, sits on a 2,400 acre patch of scenic land in Reno’s Southwest area, with abundant greenbelts and the aforementioned diverse residential choices.

  • Everyday Convenience - Owing to the considered layout of such areas, master planned communities benefit immensely from the easy accessibility of their requisite shopping, dining, business, and medical facilities. Generally such establishments are not only within easy reach, they tend to be attractively landscaped to match the overall style of the master planned community itself. Reno’s South Meadows which includes Curti Ranch, Damonte Ranch, and Double Diamond Ranch is a mere three miles from the Sierra Summit Mall and its world-class shopping, dining options, movie cinemas, and seasonal farmers market.

  • Sense of Community - Last and perhaps most difficult to quantify is the manifest sense of community, which naturally accompanies such a carefully organized vicinity. Neighbors and friends share and enjoy a quality of life which more standard neighborhoods necessarily lack. Whether meeting at the country club for a round of golf, or picking up the kids from one of Reno's nearby schools, master planned communities foster a togetherness which is rare in our modern society.

Is a master planned community in Reno right for you? Considering the key benefits, you may find yourself living the master planned life before you know it!

Please call on us to help you learn more about Reno’s master planned communities and how they compare to best match your needs and lifestyle choices.

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