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Posted by Mitch Argon / CalNeva Realty on Thursday, April 24th, 2014 at 10:28pm.

Reno Luxury Homes

"Luxury Homes". The term alone has an elegance and grandeur that suggests a sort of opulent ease of living. What sort of luxury properties does the "biggest little city" have to offer, and what are the advantages (beyond the obvious) of living in a luxury community? Pondering these benefits and others is key to making a solid decision. Reno's luxury communities, such as Caughlin Ranch, Montreux, Arrowcreek, Monte Rosa, and Saddlehorn offer a variety of singular perks individually, but all share certain strengths in common which are hallmarks of such a property class.

  1. Country Clubs - One of the grandest vestiges of luxury living is the presence of a central community country club, with its assorted amenities and features. Caughlin Ranch, for example, has the Caughlin Club, with an inviting array of activities such as tennis, swimming, racquetball, and the post-workout relaxation of jacuzzis and saunas. Children in grades 1-6 are welcome to join the Caughlin Adventure Club, which offers field trips, snacks, and supervised activities to keep even the most energetic youngster duly occupied. Montreux and Arrowcreek, on the other hand, are more golf-centric, with Montreux's Jack Nicklaus signature course and Arrowcreek's challenging links-style play the highlights.

  2. Security - Luxury properties share the security-minded focus of the gated communities they may well be part of, and indeed the overlap is manifold. Often, security is HOA financed, meaning a home owner's association is responsible for the service. Naturally, such a dedicated detail invites a more robust level of scrutiny, and the safety and security of the residents is commensurately satisfied. Keep in mind, however, that not all Reno luxury communities are gated - Saddlehorn being an excellent example.

  3. Custom Lots - Rather than the one-size-fits-all, workmanlike utility of the average neighborhood, luxury homes are often made-to-order and reside on an appropriately diverse variety of gorgeously scenic spaces. Caughlin Ranch is a virtual forest of mature landscaping and sumptuous greenery, with its park-like setting, rolling hills, and duck ponds. A creek with several waterfalls completes the arboreal splendor, gifting the nearby homes with a lush assortment of naturalistic views. Arrowcreek's 5 miles of walking trails entwine a community marked by winding streets and open spaces, again a marked difference from the average geometrically-severe neighbourhood layout.

  4. Stable Values - While property values can and do shift with the caprices of the market, luxury properties generally maintain a more constant price than other sorts of homes. This is due in part to the carefully maintained neighbourhoods' buttressing of community values, and the rather consistent demand for such luxury estates themselves. Consequently, these sorts of homes generally present more reliable investment opportunities than do properties with more volatile value fluctuations.

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