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Trying to find the homes for sale in your favorite school district? All public Carson City schools are listed on the table below. Each school is identified as Elementary, Middle, and High school and includes a link to all local homes for Sale within each school district or zone.

Carson City Schools Comparison Tool

If you want to compare any Carson City school to any other school in the state of Nevada, you may find our Carson City School Comparison ToolLink Opens New Window.  If new window does not open, press and hold CTRL key and click. helpful.

Carson City School District

Visit Carson City School DistrictLink Opens New Window.  If new window does not open, press and hold CTRL key and click. for summary information on each school including enrollment, standardized accountability reports, and web site.

School Browse Listings
Bordewich Bray Elementary School Bordewich Bray Elementary School Homes for Sale
Empire Elementary School Empire Elementary School Residential Listings
Fremont Elementary School Fremont Elementary School Zoned Homes
Fritsch Elementary School Fritsch Elementary School Home Listings
Mark Twain Elementary School Mark Twain Elementary School Homes for Sale
Seeliger Elementary School Seeliger Elementary School Listings
Carson Middle School Carson Middle School Homes
Eagle Valley Middle School Eagle Valley Middle School Homes for Sale
Carson High School Carson City High School

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Higher Education

Visit our Greater Reno-Tahoe School Directoryfor a similar school and homes for sale directory.

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