About CalNeva Realty


Mitch Argon founded CalNeva Realty in 2005. The company embarked from its initial office in Minden, NV. Leveraging an intensive regional marketing plan, the company began to grow its reach in the Northern Nevada community. By 2009, dedicated agents were catering to the Reno/Sparks markets. In 2011, we inaugurated an office in Reno, emphasizing our commitment to the Reno/Sparks community. Currently, CalNeva Realty caters to the Northern Nevada region with two main hubs located in Reno and Minden, accompanied by a team of roughly 20 property agents.

Client Focus

Our prime goal is to serve and advocate for our past, ongoing, and potential clients. Every aspect of our agent training and administrative workflows is tailored to center our attention on our clients, ensuring the elimination of internal hindrances. We engineer tools and resources to support our clients either directly or via our agents, ensuring optimal results in every property transaction. Post each property deal, we seek reviews and insights from our clients on our services and encourage suggestions to enhance our representation and the results for our clientele.

Agent Focus

Empowering our agents with the required competencies to offer robust representation to our clients is a key aim for us. Beyond required state education, we provide round-the-clock access to property skills training for our agents, conduct periodic training sessions, and update them about forthcoming events, trends, and the dynamic market landscape. 

Technology Focus

Recognizing the rapid pace of the world today, we adopt emerging technologies, leveraging them to empower our clients and our agents to attain superior outcomes and a seamless home or land buying or selling journey. Since its inception in 2005, FreeNevadaMove.com has been at the forefront of consumer technology (including searchable websites, smartphone-friendly platforms, mobile marketing utilities, and beyond) along with internal tools (like scalable intranet solutions, electronic signature features, mobile-friendly contracts, etc.).

We remain extremly devoted to these triad focus areas. This unwavering commitment, we believe, has been the cornerstone of our achievements and will propel our growth in the coming decades.