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The information on this page is provided to help you do any local research or contact Genoa NV utilities to add, remove, or change service.


    Douglas County Utilities - 775.782-9989


    Douglas County Utilities - 775.782-9989


    Douglas Disposal - 775.782.5713


Natural Gas


    Amerigas - 775.882.2191
    www.amerigas.comLink Opens New Window.  If new window does not open, press and hold CTRL key and click.
    Bi-State Propane - 775.782.2371
    Campora Propane Service - 775.782.2301

Telephone and High Speed Internet (DSL)

Telephone and High Speed Internet (Wireless)

Telephone, Cable Television, and High Speed Internet (Cable)

Post Offices

Nevada Department of Motor Vehicles


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