Google Data Center Real Estate Guide

Prospective employees as well as investors who may be interested in housing and real estate in relation to the Google Data Center (just east of Reno, NV) Because of the size of the land purchased by Google and the speculated size of the data center and location, we found it appropriate to collect information not only about the company itself but, also detailed info about available residential or commercial property surrounding Google Data Center.

About The Google Data Center

Google has acquired 1,210 acres of land just a few miles south from Tesla's Gigafactory with the speculation that Google will use the land for an upcoming data center and also as a potential testing track for the company's Waymo unit. Assumptions are that Google will prefer setting up its testing facilities for Waymo in Nevada because there are fewer restrictions in place than there are in California. Nevada is also in the process of passing legislation that would make it an ideal place for testing out self-driving vehicles - in other words, less rules and regulations than California holds.

Location of the Google Data Center

Google Data Center is located in the Tahoe Reno Industrial Center (TRIC). The TRIC is positioned about 16 miles east of Sparks and 24 miles west of Fernley along Interstate 80 (map below). The TRIC covers over 100,000 acres south of I-80. In addition to I-80's access to TRIC, the state of Nevada is committed to completing USA Parkway, a four lane highway, from TRIC south to Highway 50 near Silver Springs, NV. This extended highway will make areas along Highway 50 an wide open commute to Google Data Center and many other employers at TRIC. The USA Parkway extension is planned to be completed in 2017 but for more accurate updates, visit - NDOT project web site.

Map of Nevada Cities near Google Data Center


Distance and Commute Time Estimates

Google Data Center is not currently close to surrounding homes. We have put together the table below that may be useful in trying to establish approximate distance and commute times to nearby cities.

City/TownDistance (mi)Time (min)
Sparks 20 24
Reno 24 28
Fernley 19 23
Silver Springs * 18 22
Stagecoach * 19 25
Dayton * 35 40
Carson City 47 55

*NOTE: Distance and commute times to Silver Springs, Stagecoach, Dayton, and Carson City are all calculated based on the completion of USA Parkway from TRIC to Silver Springs - estimated completion is late 2017. Until then, add roughly 40 minutes to these times.

Housing Near the Google Data Center

There are a wide variety of housing options for housing within a 60 minute drive of the Google Data Center. For all questions on housing developments, feel free to call us at 775-473-9531.

  • Fernley - Fernley will offer the closest most affordable housing with easy freeway access and everyday amenities such as Walmart, Lowe's, and grocery shopping. Visit our page featuring all Fernley home listings near the Google Data Center.

  • Sparks - Sparks is the closest large city to the Google Data Center with a population of approx 100,000. The city offers a large variety of housing and access to many shopping and entertainment amenities. If you can't find it in Sparks, Reno is right next door. Spark's Spanish Springs area north of Old Sparks offers a planned community feel and would be highly desirable for Google Data Center employees seeking newer homes in this type of community with a reasonable commute. Check out all active Sparks listings - about 20 miles from Google. Or you can visit our Sparks Homes or Sparks Condo Community directory pages to assess location and current listings.

  • Reno - Offering the largest variety of homes and condos to fits many different tastes and pocketbook sizes. Downtown Reno offers an urban lifestyle with properties in walking distance to a variety of dining, entertainment, and of course casinos. Reno homes are available in rural settings as well as gated communities. Condo Complexes range in age, amenities, and locations. View all Reno home listings near Google Data Center or view Reno Condo Community directory pages to assess location and current listings.

  • Silver Springs - Upon the proposed completion of USA Parkway in late 2017, Silver Springs area will offer quick access to Google Data Center. This area is primarily rural with a few neighborhood like subdivisions. View Silver Springs homes near Google Data Center.

  • Stagecoach - West of Silver Springs, you will find Stagecoach - a rural area that has not developed as much as Dayton or Fernley. This area offers a wide open rural lifestyle with not too many amenities. View Stagecoach MLS Listings here.

  • Dayton - Dayton offers a number of home subdivisions as well as more rural home options. Dayton has a small amount of amenities including: A grocery store, casino, restaurants and a golf course. Located about 12 miles east of Carson City, Dayton will offer a shorter drive to Google Data Center and more affordable housing options than Reno, Sparks, or Carson City. Take a look at Dayton Homes near Google Data Center.

  • Carson City - Carson City offers a smaller town feel than Reno or Sparks but a much greater amenities selection over Fernley, Silver Springs, Stagecoach, or Dayton. Even though the commute is a bit farther, Carson City does offer housing options within a reasonable commute to Google Data Center. View Carson City listings here.

Investment and Rental Property near Google Data Center

Looking at investment property for residential rental income? The links below will show you current listings for those markets offering multifamily housing (duplex, tripex, fourplex, and apartments). There is essentially no multifamily property inventory in Silver Springs and Stagecoach due to the rural location. Additionally, with options in Reno/Sparks and Fernley which all represent a closer commute to Google Data Center than Carson City, we are not covering Carson City on this page although you will find multifamily listings in Carson City.

  • Reno Investment Property - Reno's market will offer the largest variety of rental and investment property near Google's Data Center. The Northwest, Old Southwest, Downtown, and Midtown area's offer quick freeway access for commuting. Ares in the North Valleys or South Reno will be less directly influenced by Google Data Center upcoming employee demand but would still see some benefit. View Reno Investment Property for sale near the Google Data Center.

  • Sparks Investment Property - Sparks offers quite a bit of multifamily properties with most concentrated along Interstate 80 which would make for great freeway access and a short drive to Google Data Center. See Calneva Realty's Sparks Multifamily and Investment Property for sale.

  • Fernley Investment Property - The Fernley rental market will see a rise in demand from Google Data Center, however rental rates and property appreciation for multifamily will likely not rise at the same rate as the Reno/Sparks markets due to the fact that the commute distance is roughly equivalent and the Reno/Sparks markets offer much more in terms of shopping, entertainment, and schools. Click here for a current list of Fernley multifamily properties.

More Information

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