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Minden, Gardnerville, and Genoa are all served by Douglas County School District in the Carson Valley (Part of Lake Tahoe is also in Douglas County - see Lake Tahoe Schools for more information). All three towns are in the Douglas High School district and all elementary and middle schools feed Douglas High School. For more information about school schedules, accountability reportsLink Opens New Window.  If new window does not open, press and hold CTRL key and click., and more, visit Douglas County School DistrictLink Opens New Window.  If new window does not open, press and hold CTRL key and click..

Douglas County Schools Comparison Tool

If you want to compare any Douglas County school to any other school in the state of Nevada, you may find our Douglas County School Comparison ToolLink Opens New Window.  If new window does not open, press and hold CTRL key and click. helpful.

Carson Valley School Directory

Use the links below to review local school web sites and easily find homes for sale for each school district.

School Name Town Browse Listings
C. C. Meneley Elementary School Gardnerville C. C. Meneley - Homes Listings
Gardnerville Elementary School Gardnerville Gardnerville Elementary - Home Listings
Scarselli Elementary School Gardnerville Scarselli - Home Listings
Jacks Valley Elementary School Minden Jacks Valley Elementary - Home Listings
Minden Elementary School Minden Minden Elementary - Home Listings
Pinion Hills Elementary School Minden Pinion Hills - Home Listings
Carson Valley Middle School Gardnerville Carson Valley Middle - Home Listings
Pau-Wa-Lu Middle School Gardnerville Pau-Wa-Lu - Home Listings
Douglas High School Minden Douglas High School - Home Listings

Note: All of the schools are within the Douglas County School District, independent of the town the school is located within. Also, a property address in a given town may be zoned for a school in a different town (for example: some homes in Minden may be zoned for a school in Gardnerville and vice versa).

Visit our Greater Reno-Tahoe School Directory for a similar school and homes for sale directory.

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