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As a home buyer (especially if new to this area), do you feel overwhelmed and uncertain? You may have asked yourself more than once "Will I ever have enough knowledge to choose a neighborhood and home with confidence?".

You are not alone.

Our professionals help dozens of people every year - just like you - as a "guide" to learning enough about our communities, school systems, real estate trends, home construction variances, and more to make well informed decisions with confidence. In short, we are experts at helping people productively assimilate information about living in Greater Reno-Tahoe.

Relax. Researching all of the important facets of a move does not happen "overnight". You are involved in a "process" that takes time and energy. By breaking this process into a few key stages, we make this process productive and enjoyable for you.

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For most people, the process involves the stages below. The time to move through the stages can be from several weeks for some to a few years for others. We help people in every stage with responsive, professional service; we recognize and respect your personal timetable and will never "rush" or "sell" you on moving any faster than you are comfortable.

  • Greater Reno-Tahoe - Is It Right For You?
  • Comparing and Choosing Local Cities
  • Previewing and Selecting Neighborhood Candidates
  • Previewing and Identifying Home Candidates
  • Negotiating and Completing a Home Purchase

You have already started this process by spending some time on our web site. With the help of the Internet, you can do a great deal of research online and we hope to be a big help in this area. Eventually, however, there is no substitute for visiting areas and seeing things first hand. When you are local, we can help you with good local maps, detailed community information, and personalized city/neighborhood/home tours.

Once you have found the ideal property, we will provide you with recent comparable home sales, negotiate the best price and terms for you, and manage the closing process by coordinating important details such as coordinating home inspections, working with your lender and escrow company, ensuring your new home has a clear title, and many other steps to ensure a smooth transaction.

Oh by the way, our services are typically free to you as a home buyer. When you purchase a home, the seller pays our brokerage commission. This is true for "resales" and "new homes".

We can be a valuable asset to you in this process and are committed to providing great service. If you would like to benefit from the services that we offer, please feel free to call or send us a note from the form below.

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